How To Build Free Energy Generator And Can It Be Built In Simple Ways?

Published: 21st December 2010
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Okay, You don't doubt your see and think when you see the title, becase it is really true and not spam.

Are you passionate about building free energy generators? Is it your hobby to make magnetic power generators that can be used in regular life Or are you interested in to know how to build free energy generator? If so, cool- as it is not a hard task to make a generator by your own when you know how to build generator.

Before we will talk about how to build generator, let us have a summary look on what generator is?

Simply speaking, a generator is a type of machine that can produce free electricity. Whether small or large, all types of generators are to produce electricity.

Now comes the question how to build generator? To build generator is easy if you know certain steps. Let us have a look on some steps that are needed if you want to know how to build an ordinary generator:

Things Needed:

• Take 4 magnets that are of 1cm/2cm/5cm

• A small lamp having a #30 magnetic and 200ft magnetic wire

• A 1. 5 volts bulb

• A long nail is also needed

• A cardboard of 8cm/30cm

Next What?

First, make ready a box from the cardboard. The sizes of the box must be like:

• First panel: 8/8cm

• Second panel: 3. 5/8cm

• Third panel: 8/8cm

• Fourth panel: 3. 5/8cm

• Fifth panel: 7. 5/8cm

Fold the cardboard box along the dividing lines of the panels and make sure that the 1st panel overlaps the fifth one. Finally, use a tape to hold the box.

Secondly, create hole through the center and at the front of the box. Also try to widen the holes in such a way that you can move around the nails.

Thirdly, tape 1 end of wire to the box. Wrap the rest of wire around the middle of the cardboard box. Tape the other end of wire also with the end of the first leaving a length 10 cm. Expose the copper of the wires by stripping the coatings of the wire’s ends.

Now, you have to stick nails. For that take the wires back through the hole in the box. Pair the 4 magnets of each side and on the nails in such a way that it can spin easily with the magnets.

So, your generator is ready. Now connect it to the lamp. How? Yes, connect the end of one of the wires of the generator with that of the lamp’s wire. Twists the wires’ ends. But be sure that both the connections must not get touched.

To light up the bulb spin the nail. Even you can also take help of hand-crank drill to shine the bulb brighter.

To make a long story short, it is really an easy task to make free energy generator when you know the basic steps of how to build magnetic power generator.

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